Amplify Protocol Domain Upgrade

As of October 1st 2021, Amplify Protocol will be hosted on our new domain.

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Amplify is a Next Generation Defi Platform

Decentralized Financial Infrastructure Has Some Unique Advantages

Decentralized | Open Source

Decentralized financial infrastructure developed through open source initiatives.


Multi-chain Integration

Industry leading blockchain networks: Ethereum Mainnet, Layer 2 Polygon Network, and the Solana-based Velas Network.


Sustainable DeFi

Introducing real world assets to the defi ecosystem. Safe and Insured Tokenized Assets.


Audited and Verified Contracts

Our contracts are verified and audited by leading smart contract security researchers and advisors.


Volatility Protection

Our platform supports leading Stablecoins such as USDC, USDT, & DAI. These are 1:1 pegged with the US Dollar, shielding your investments from crypto volatility.


$AMPT Token Rewards

Earn liquidity mining rewards paid in our platform's $AMPT tokens. This is an additional benefit to the high-yield interest you will earn on your liquidity provisions.


Earn Interest on Your Crypto Assets

Safe and Simple Returns on your Stablecoins. No Speculation!

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Adding Liquidity

Crypto HODLers and Defi Investors

High Yield Interest Returns

Passive Income Gains

Liquid investments into illiquid assets

Supporting Stablecoins & Crypto Assets

Self Insuring Liquidity Pool

Earn Liquidity Mining Rewards

0.25-0.5% fee

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Small to Medium Sized Enterprises and Supply Chain Manufacturers

Simple registration and request for financing through our partner

Easy access to liquidity

On-chain tokenization of invoices

Simple, fast, and inclusive, unlike the current financing system

Rewarded with the platform utility token $AMPT

0.5-1% fee

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